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Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that I get regarding massage.

If you don’t see the information that you are looking for, please feel free to contact me.

  • What COVID-19 precautions do you have in place?
    We practice high levels of hygiene as expected in massage and health professions. Washing hands before and after clients. Regularly disinfecting services. Changing massage table linen and coverings after each client.
  • What are the benefits of remedial massage?
    Remedial massage can provide a positive impact both physically and psychologically. Remedial massage studies have proven that treatments have the ability to release muscular tension and pain of the body, to relax muscles, reduce stress and boost the immune system. It can also stimulate blood supply and help to tone muscles.
  • For what conditions do people see a massage therapist?
    The most common health-related conditions that present to massage therapists include: Neck/Shoulder Pain Back Pain and/or other Back Problems Health and Wellness for Maintaining, Improving Health or Functioning, and for Injury Prevention, including Stress and Tension Reduction Headaches or Migraines Sports Injury Management and Rehabilitation Other Acute Injury or Pain Conditions Other Chronic Reduced Function, Disability or Pain Conditions, e.g. Fatigue Occupational Overuse Syndrome Anxiety or Depression Motor Vehicle Accident and Rehabilitation
  • Is massage always appropriate?
    If you are feeling unwell, if you have a fever or a cold/flu we recommend that you do not receive a treatment. If you have been ill or are unsure of any symptoms that you may have please call Dow and she can arrange an alternative appointment time. It is also important to advise Dow of any health concerns or medical conditions prior to your treatment, even if they were some time ago. The more information the better, as it ensures the best possible treatment for you. We also offer pregnancy massages, although if you are at the earlier stages of your pregnancy we recommend you consult your doctor or please inform Dow when booking your treatment.
  • Do you treat patients with chronic pain and other severe health problems?
    Yes. Dow has experience in treating clients with terminal conditions and chronic pain in a caring and supportive manner. Massage therapy is a powerful, therapeutic tool for treating chronic pain. It has been shown to lower cortisol and blood pressure while increasing your flexibility and boosting your immune system. It is an effective treatment for relieving lower back pain, neck pain and muscle aches from athletics, arthritis, or other conditions. We recommend you consult your doctor prior to your massage or please inform Dow when booking your treatment.
  • What should I expect for my first massage treatment?
    When you first arrive at Healing Zone you will be asked to complete a patient detail form. This will assist Dow to determine which massage technique she believes will be most beneficial to you and address any other queries you may have. Following this discussion Dow will leave the room to allow you to prepare for your massage and when you are ready she will commence your treatment for the remaining consultation time. The massage session is about you and it is important to us that you feel comfortable during this time. So if there is anything you need or any areas you would like treated more than others please don't hesitate to let Dow know.
  • Do I need to bring anything/ what should I wear?
    You are not required to bring or wear anything in particular. We do suggest you wear comfortable, loose clothing that is easy to get changed into and out of. Also, if you do happen to have any corresponding medical documents or referral letters you can bring them along. We absolutely understand that modesty can be a concern, so please don't hesitate to communicate what you are comfortable or uncomfortable with to Dow. You will not fully disrobe for your treatment. Please bear in mind that your treatment session is inclusive of the time taken for undressing and redressing.
  • Is there anything I need to do after my massage?
    Drink plenty of water and don't do anything intense for a day or so (that includes cardio activity, lifting weights, playing sports, things like that). You might feel slightly nauseous; this is normal. If you've had more intense deep tissue work done, you will probably feel a little sore the next day. Again, that's very normal, but you should take it easy until the soreness has mostly abated. Your muscles may have been stretched and worked in ways they never have before, and they'll need a little time to recover.


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